We make 3D printer controller systems.
If you make 3D printers, please continue reading!

Custom optimization
No one knows our hardware better than us. If you choose to one or more of our components in your system, we spend time with you to ensure that
everything is optimized for your platform. That means customization of firmware and software, and even UX if there is need for it.
Our first commercially available product. It’s a powerful and smart 3D printer brain based on Beaglebone with a lot of possibilities and flexibility. If you choose to use our Replicape, we will be more than happy to optimize it for your needs.
Read more about the Replicape specs here
Manga Screen
Manga Screen is an open source, multi purpose, multi touch, HDMI compatible LCD screen for BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi. There was a Kickstarter for it in 2015, now the LCD has gone out of production, so we are working on a new version of it.
Read more about the Manga Screen specs here
Extension for the Replicape, that allows for even more flexibility. Just in case you want more nozzles, for instance.
Open Hardware
We believe that the best way to develop our products is out in the open. Instead of spending our time pursuing patents and keeping secrets, we can focus on improvements together with the community.
Bulk orders
If you want to go big, we set up our own production line, just for you. And with your own production line, comes the opportunity to customize the appearance of the hardware, like logos and colors.