Manga Screen


HDMI-compatible LCD screen with multitouch
(A new 5.9″, 1080p and a 4.8″, 720p IPS version will be Kickstarted in July 2017. Meanwhile watch the trailer)

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High resolution

WVGA is 800x480 pixles, that is high for a 4.3" LCD screen. Compared to
other similar sized and priced displays, this is more than double.

Capacitive touch

Capacitive touch is the interface we have
all come to know and love from our smartphones.
Use one finger to tap,
two fingers to zoom!

Highly hackable

Manga Screen was the first
open source hardware and software
smal LCD screen. It uses an Atmega32U4,
and is reflashable using nothing but a
computer and a USB cable.

Tech specs


W: 116 mm
H: 77.3 mm
D: 11,6 mm

Atmega32U4 makes
it easy to change firmware,
in case you need that.

Capacitive touch panel
is a breeze to touch, just
like your smart phone.

Super cool color

USB for power and
touch, HDMI for image

WVGA (800x480) resolution


Compatible with
Raspberry Pi 0 through 3,
and BeagleBone Black

Serial interface for setting backlight

Pinch to zoom

4.3" screen size.

Open source hardware
and software.