Manga Screen 2


HDMI-compatible LCD screen with multitouch as seen on Kickstarter!
Two versions available: 4.8″, 720p or 5.9″, 1080p.

This product has been discontinued for now. A new version is planned, but not for some time. This page is here for documentation purposes.

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High resolution

Full HD is 1920x1080 pixles, that is high for a 5.9" LCD screen. Compared to
other similar sized and priced displays, it's a lot of pixels pr buck! 720p is also quite a lot with 1280x720 pixels.

Capacitive touch

Capacitive touch is the interface we have
all come to know and love from our smartphones.
Use one finger to tap,
two fingers to zoom, ten fingers for finger painting!

Highly hackable

Manga Screen 2 is designed to work with
any single board computer like Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black,
plus just about any regular computer you can think of.
The touch panel will enumerate as an absolute position mouse.

Tech specs MS2 Big (5.9")


W: 150 mm
H: 81.9 mm
D: 17.8 mm

High dynamic range IPS TFT LCD display

Capacitive touch panel
is a breeze to touch, just
like your smart phone.

Unstyled symetric border for use in any project.

USB for power and
touch, HDMI for image

Full HD (1080x1920) resolution. Native resolution is portrait mode.

Fixed resolution, but several
frame rates available. Max frame rate is 60 Hz.

Compatible with
Raspberry Pi 0 through 3,
and BeagleBone Black, plus
any computer running Linux or Windows.

Serial interface for setting backlight

Pinch to zoom

5.9" screen size.

Sharp LCD and Synaptics capacitive touch chip.