Replicape Rev B


Replicape is a smart, silent and user friendly 3D printer controller board – the cleverest brain your 3D printer can have.
Replicape is being replaced by a single board version. Find out about Recore here!

Here is the documentation for Replicape

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Blazing fast

Replicape runs on BeagleBone Black, a 1GHz CPU with two additional 200 MHz PRUs.
What does that mean? It means you can have a huge delta while still running OctoPrint and Toggle, over wifi, with a webcam.

Stealthy silent

By using the industry leading
TMC 2100 stepper motor
drivers,the sound leves are
lowered to an incredibly low
level. The stepper motor whining
will not be the most prominent
sound for your 3D-printer.

Smart and connected

Replicape is a connected device,
meaning it has access to the internet.
That is good, becuase it means
it can run a web server giving instant
access to all computers
and smart phones in the network.

Tech specs


Redundant power connector
limits the chance of fire
due to over heating

Serial to parallel chips makes all
microstepping and decay variatios
available while limiting pin use.

Trinamic TMC 2100 are high
power stepper motor drivers
that are also very silent

enables automatic
cape recognition

Fuse blown indicator

Buffered inputs protects
the BeabgleBone and makes
end stops up to 15V tolerant

4 low power MOSFETs controls
fans and LEDs with PWM

Heated bed connector has
double connector for

12V step down converter,
enables fans and LEDs to run on
12V no matter what the input volage is

5V step down converter
powers the BeagleBone,
so only a single PSU is needed.

A 16 channel PWM chip controls
all MOSFETs and a clever solution
makes it set the stepper driver current

Dallas 1-wire port
for additional digital
temperature sensors