Manga Screen 2 Big has shipped

This calls for celebration! The Manga Screen 2 that was Kickstarted in August 2017, has finally been shipped out to the backers. All Kickstarter campaigns seem to get delayed, and this one was no exception. Manufacturing always has a tendency to take much longer than expected, and 9 months is not unusually long. The feedback

New reseller for Replicape: Seeed Studio

I'm pleased to announce that Seeed Studio is now selling Replicape Rev B from their online Bazar! Seeed Studio has over 300 distributors world wide, a great selection of BeagleBones including their own version BeagleBone Green, and a great deal on shipping, making them an ideal reseller. For starters it's a 2 week test to

Manga Screen 2 is coming to Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for Manga Screen has been postponed again and again, but now the first promotional video of the new screen is finally hitting the streets! It's a trailer for the Kickstarter, showing one of the applications that it can be used for. The application is called Karma-button, an app for giving creds to others

Improved automatic bed leveling in Redeem

Automatic bed leveling helps improve first layer height above bed. That is very useful, because if the first layer does not stick, the rest of the print does not matter. It also lowers the bar for first times to get started, and it saves a bunch of time for old-timers that have moved their printer.

PID autotune algorithm improvements

Redeem is quickly becoming the standard in 3D printer firmwares with self documenting G-codes and pre-processing path planner. Up until recently, two fairly standard features have had somewhat sub-par performance: PID auto-tune and automatic bed calibration. A recent poll on the Thing-printer G+ page revealed that these two things were on the top of list

Flashing a BeagleBone Black with

The instructions for flashing a BeagleBone Black has long been in dire need of an update, and that day has finally come! The (Etcher by RESIN.IO) is a beautifully designed app that runs on Linux, Windows and OS X alike and it does one thing: Burn images to SD cards. Since Kamikaze is based

Toggle 1.0 Introduction video

Finally I've made good on my promise to finish Toggle version 1.0, which was actually a reach goal for Manga Screen :| Toggle is a user interface (UI) for 3D-printers meant to be run on the printer. It has been designed for Manga Screen, but should be portable to other screens as well. The new

Filament sensor on 3D printer with Replicape

Increased reliability with a filament sensor One of the most annoying things that can happen when printing with 3D-printers is running out of filament or a filament jam. Both are almost unavoidable. There is no infinite filament (yet) and even the best filament manufacturers some times end up with foreign objects in their plastic batches.

Getting started with Kamikaze on Replicape Rev B

Finally a video that is specific to getting started with Replicape Rev B using the Kamikaze eMMC flasher! There is a new Kamikaze image out that addresses some of the issues that have become apparent after people started to get their capes. To name a few: If I access my printer on IP whatever, the

Get Quad extruders for Replicape by adding Reach

I've finally gotten around to testing the Reach A0 add-on board for Replicape A4A. This is a board that adds three more extruders to the two extruders that come with Replicape, for a total of five extruders. Any axis can also be configured in slave mode, in case you have multiple steppers pr. axis. The