Some new safety features in Redeem

Over the weekend, I've been working on some quite important features: Safety! The most important being disabling the heaters if anything goes wrong with the thermistor readings.   It's boring, but it's necessary. Safety features does nothing to improve the print quality, but it might prevent your house from burning down. It's still necessary to

End stop configuration for Redeem

Most of the Replicapes from the Kickstarter has now been delivered, and people are starting to try it out and getting into configuration. Great, but not for everyone! A lot of people seem to be having trouble with the end stop configuration, so I made a video explaining how it works. It really not that difficult

A trip to the Shenzhen factory: How Replicape is made

In December, I made a trip to Shenzhen, the city where "all" electronics is being manufactured. The purpose of the trip was to give an insight into how the Replicape (and Manga Screen) is being manufactured. The video became the basis for update #5 in the Kickstarter for Replicape, so there is an intro and

Persistent storage for Manga Screen

It's been a while since I worked on the firmware for Manga Screen, but the last couple of days have been spent making a few changes that have been on my list for several months. the most important news: Persistent storage! First of all, the EEPROM on the Atmega32U4 is now utilized, adding persistent storage

Redeem new features preview

Redeem, the Replicape Daemon, is the "firmware" that accepts g-codes and makes the 3D-printer move. What is special about this firmware is that it is mostly written in a high level language. Python is not the fastest language around, but offers a large array of libraries optimized in C, garbage collection, favours readability and has

Replicape rev B Kickstarter is live!

The wait is over, folks! Replicape revision B is now live on Kickstarter! If you are reading this on, you probably know about Replicape, and are mostly interested in what's new with Rev B compared to Rev A! Here is an overview. In more human readable form, the most important update is the new

Manga Screen second batch

It's still summertime and the weather is high, but in the deep valleys of Shenzhen, three companies are hard at work and getting ready for the second batch of Manga Screens! Almost all the backers from the Kickstarter campaign have gotten their screens, only the party pack backers remain (again, if you are one of

Cape manager is back baby!

For BeagleBone Black the cape manager has been missing or somewhat broken since 3-odd-8 or something, but with Linux kernel 4.1, it's back in business (a part of mainline kernel)! That means you no longer have to recompile the whole device tree in order to enable or disable an IP core slash peripheral, instead you