Flashing a BeagleBone Black with etcher.io

The instructions for flashing a BeagleBone Black has long been in dire need of an update, and that day has finally come! The etcher.io (Etcher by RESIN.IO) is a beautifully designed app that runs on Linux, Windows and OS X alike and it does one thing: Burn images to SD cards. Since Kamikaze is based

Filament sensor on 3D printer with Replicape

Increased reliability with a filament sensor One of the most annoying things that can happen when printing with 3D-printers is running out of filament or a filament jam. Both are almost unavoidable. There is no infinite filament (yet) and even the best filament manufacturers some times end up with foreign objects in their plastic batches.

Redeem new features preview

Redeem, the Replicape Daemon, is the "firmware" that accepts g-codes and makes the 3D-printer move. What is special about this firmware is that it is mostly written in a high level language. Python is not the fastest language around, but offers a large array of libraries optimized in C, garbage collection, favours readability and has

Replicape rev B Kickstarter is live!

The wait is over, folks! Replicape revision B is now live on Kickstarter! If you are reading this on Thing-printer.com, you probably know about Replicape, and are mostly interested in what's new with Rev B compared to Rev A! Here is an overview. In more human readable form, the most important update is the new

Cape manager is back baby!

For BeagleBone Black the cape manager has been missing or somewhat broken since 3-odd-8 or something, but with Linux kernel 4.1, it's back in business (a part of mainline kernel)! That means you no longer have to recompile the whole device tree in order to enable or disable an IP core slash peripheral, instead you

Power dissipation calculations in MOSFETs

One of the key elements of electronics design beyond the elementary workings of the circuits is the thermal management and the EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility). On a 3D-printer controller board, the MOSFETs tend to be one of the major contributors to both the EMC part as well as the thermal management part. For Replicape Rev

New Kamikaze CNC image released

Kamikaze is a Debian-based eMMC flasher image for BeagleBone Black. It is a complete solution for Replicape and Manga-Screen aiming to contain all software needed to slice a model and print it without installing any additional software. And it has now been updated! The latest image has an updated Octoprint 1.2 which now has CuraEngine


With the new revision of Replicape, I had to do some voodoo with the electronics in order to reach the new target price. Perhaps the most important change was the removal of the Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) that was used for setting the current limit of the stepper motor controllers digitally. Instead, five of

New major revision of Replicape (Rev B)

So I've recently started working on a new major revision of Replicape, rev B! And boy is it major in many ways! First of all, the stepper drivers are brand new, I'm going for the TMC2100 which have gotten a lot of buzz lately because of their many configurations for lower noise. Don't believe the