More Replicapes + new Octoprint and Redeem packages

CircuitCo just sent the shipment notification for 48 shiny new Replicapes, so they will be in store in a couple of days! With this batch we'll also offer FedEx shipping at 70% discount. In other news, Octoprint 1.1.0 was recently pushed to master and I've update the package feed with the latest changes. The most + Lighttpd + sqlite3 on BeagleBone Black

I've been working hard on a project lately called Debrew that adds a web interface to a CNC controller. I decided to go for Lighttpd as the web server, as the Python framework, and sqlite3 as the data base engine. Here is how I did it. I'm going to write up the whole project

Endstop behaviour for non-cartesian coordinate systems

Last week was spent fine-tuning the endstop behaviour. With normal cartesian printers, triggering an endstop should cause the stepper motor to only be able to turn the other way. For H-belt, coreXY and Delta printers, the problem becomes a bit more complicated. Consider the case of H-belt where triggering the X min endstop should allow

Replicape BBB-flasher ready for download

Yes! The Thing/Replicape BBB-flasher image is now finally ready for alfa testing! This flasher image has everything you need for using the Replicape for controlling a 3D-printer or other CNC-machine. It's a minimal Angstrom SystemD image with Redeem, Toggle, CuraEngine and Octoprint pre-installed. There is no X or Wayland due to the missing SGX drivers

One stepper driver, two stepper motors

  Wiring two stepper motors on one stepper driver I've had a couple of questions about whether its possible to drive two stepper motors with one driver, for instance to control a printer such as Prusa I3 or similar which uses two stepper motors on the Z-axis. The answer to that is yes. Just make

Reach expansion board for Replicape ready for review

I have gotten a few requests for an expansion board to accompany the Replicape lately, so I have made an inital version for anyone interested in adding more extruders than the standard two present on Replicape. The Reach board uses the spare PWM and ADC pins from Replicape to keep the cost down and the

Replicape printing a tree frog

Hey, I took a video of the Replicape finishing a print last night: The video shows the Thing printer, which is a demo-printer for displaying the capabilities of the Replicape and the Manga Screen and also for developing Spline, which is a all-metal remotely cooled dual Bowden extruder that I'm working on. Here is a

Writing Clutter apps on BeagleBone Black using Python

Clutter is a great SDK for writing hardware accelerated GUI apps for embedded devices. It can run on X and Wayland, but it can also use the framebuffer directly and bypass the overhead of a display manager completely, ideal for embedded devices. I have spent the last few weeks working on getting Clutter to run