Toggle 1.0 Introduction video

Finally I've made good on my promise to finish Toggle version 1.0, which was actually a reach goal for Manga Screen :| Toggle is a user interface (UI) for 3D-printers meant to be run on the printer. It has been designed for Manga Screen, but should be portable to other screens as well. The new

Replicape printing a tree frog

Hey, I took a video of the Replicape finishing a print last night: The video shows the Thing printer, which is a demo-printer for displaying the capabilities of the Replicape and the Manga Screen and also for developing Spline, which is a all-metal remotely cooled dual Bowden extruder that I'm working on. Here is a

Writing Clutter apps on BeagleBone Black using Python

Clutter is a great SDK for writing hardware accelerated GUI apps for embedded devices. It can run on X and Wayland, but it can also use the framebuffer directly and bypass the overhead of a display manager completely, ideal for embedded devices. I have spent the last few weeks working on getting Clutter to run