Manga Screen 2 is coming to Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for Manga Screen has been postponed again and again, but now the first promotional video of the new screen is finally hitting the streets! It's a trailer for the Kickstarter, showing one of the applications that it can be used for. The application is called Karma-button, an app for giving creds to others

Persistent storage for Manga Screen

It's been a while since I worked on the firmware for Manga Screen, but the last couple of days have been spent making a few changes that have been on my list for several months. the most important news: Persistent storage! First of all, the EEPROM on the Atmega32U4 is now utilized, adding persistent storage

Manga Screen second batch

It's still summertime and the weather is high, but in the deep valleys of Shenzhen, three companies are hard at work and getting ready for the second batch of Manga Screens! Almost all the backers from the Kickstarter campaign have gotten their screens, only the party pack backers remain (again, if you are one of

New Kamikaze CNC image released

Kamikaze is a Debian-based eMMC flasher image for BeagleBone Black. It is a complete solution for Replicape and Manga-Screen aiming to contain all software needed to slice a model and print it without installing any additional software. And it has now been updated! The latest image has an updated Octoprint 1.2 which now has CuraEngine


Manga Screen is a 4.3" HDMI compatible LCD screen powered by USB. The kickstarter campaign has ended, but be sure to check back in few weeks, since there will be a new batch available through the web-shop once the first batch has been delivered.

More Replicapes + new Octoprint and Redeem packages

CircuitCo just sent the shipment notification for 48 shiny new Replicapes, so they will be in store in a couple of days! With this batch we'll also offer FedEx shipping at 70% discount. In other news, Octoprint 1.1.0 was recently pushed to master and I've update the package feed with the latest changes. The most

Replicape BBB-flasher ready for download

Yes! The Thing/Replicape BBB-flasher image is now finally ready for alfa testing! This flasher image has everything you need for using the Replicape for controlling a 3D-printer or other CNC-machine. It's a minimal Angstrom SystemD image with Redeem, Toggle, CuraEngine and Octoprint pre-installed. There is no X or Wayland due to the missing SGX drivers

Replicape printing a tree frog

Hey, I took a video of the Replicape finishing a print last night: The video shows the Thing printer, which is a demo-printer for displaying the capabilities of the Replicape and the Manga Screen and also for developing Spline, which is a all-metal remotely cooled dual Bowden extruder that I'm working on. Here is a