Recore is a 3D-printer control board with six TMC2209 stepper drivers, 20A maximum current load, an Allwinner A64 quad core 64 bit SoC. It's still in development, but sale has started for early adapters. The bulk of the design was done in August 2019 with the first prototype done in September. The revision is now up to A4 and a small batch has been made available. Revision A4 is stable and working and will be used for CE/FCC testing.

This project builds upon the work that was done with Replicape and Revolve (which was never mass manufactured). The form factor is the same as Revolve, but the platform is different.

There is a repository available with schematics, 3D-files and other relevant resources:
Recore resources

More info coming later, meanwhile you can follow the progress on YouTube:
01. Introduction
02. First boot
03. Functional testing
04. eMMC Flash debugging and explanation

Recore is now available for sale